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Welcome to my little piece of space in the world where I share my experience and knowledge on an array of helpful topics for a productive and creative lifestyle using astrology!

If you have ever felt lost, overwhelmed, alone, stagnant and void of inspiration this is where you will find a kindred spirit to help uplift and give you perspectives you may have yet to discover.

Naturally, I see myself as a different type of creative artist. I aim to stimulate the mind and senses and I intend to influence people with purpose.

What you will discover here:

  • Blogs about creativity, transformation and astrology. These blogs will help in all areas of life and should be comforting for those that understand, eye-opening and transformative for those who don’t and inspiring and motivating for those seeking answers.
  • Creative Art: These are the things that give me pleasure and even more so to share them with others. They are intended to do the same as the blogs only from an imaginative standpoint.
  • Merchandise. I try to be as transparent as possible. Even though what I do all of this because I enjoy it, it does help to keep things running when you create something of value that people are generous enough to invest in. You are TRULY appreciated and it makes it that much easier to keep creating for you.
  • Advertisements. Again with the transparency and yes bills and the upkeep of this website need to be paid to continue providing you with the content you enjoy. You will find offers I believe could be useful for you and I will specifically state what those are each time. And as said before you are appreciated each time.

Thank you for being here and joining my realm. There would be no reason for this if you weren’t here.

Don’t know where to start? Read this blog post Pain Into Power!

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-Marie Rousseau

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