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Have you ever wondered why your magic doesn’t work some days and other days it works flawlessly? Or why it takes so long when you put out an intention and you don’t receive it until weeks or months later? Feel like sometimes you’re doing a lot more magical work than you would like for one event, trying different spells and meditations because maybe this one will work better than the last or you keep pulling the same damn tarot card no matter how many times you rephrase the question? Maybe you’ve even experienced desiring to win the big lottery, but you win $50 and say to yourself “Eh, at least I got something so the spell worked!” Some enemies you can stop, but others you can’t. Some fortunes you can bring to you and yet misfortunes still occur. Maybe you’ve had a good run for a few years and then slowly things start changing. You share knowledge on your social media of thousands of followers and then suddenly one day your page is gone while another gets to keep theirs of the same theme. You sage the shit out of your house, but still, people fuck with you.

I’m going to give you a personal account as to what I discovered is the reason why and how my rituals have manifested threefold from what I was doing before. I wake up when I want to, go where I want to, and handle all my situations accordingly. I still experience hardships, but I understand why and I can brace myself, making my recovery almost seem like a miracle.

I was once a regular witch. I started using Ouija boards by the time I was nine years old. When I reached the age of twenty-two I was full-blown involved in metaphysical and occult practices, learning from people like Bobby Hemmit and Brother Panic. I studied everything from ancient magic to Goetia, incense to candles, crystals, and essential oils. I knew all the deities by heart and what they represented and frequently sent myself into the astral realm, making sure to say my mantras over and over in order to induce lucid dreaming. I spent two straight years living in this magical realm where the law of attraction, chakras, voodoo, and energy exchanges reigned supreme in my life. It wasn’t until around 2011 that my love for the occult started to dwindle and not for lack of trying.

I had embarked on a new relationship believing myself wholly protected by the ancestors and my knowledge of magical practices, that my new love was destined to bring insurmountable happiness as we manifested our realities to suit our whim. At first, it started off just as such, reading and listening to magical lectures on how to become Gods and Goddesses in our own right and how the world would bend to our needs and desires as we saw fit. 2012 the rituals were getting harder and harder to pull off. Things were not manifesting as I thought they should and it was taking longer to see the fruits of meditative labor.

By 2013 I was out of mind. Nothing was working anymore. I kept to the same rituals and spells as I had always done. I was pretty astute in the art of tarot and consistently consulted with others on what to do with my failing and abusive relationship and wondered why I was experiencing so much loss and confusion. My dreams turned to nightmares and eventually, lucid dreaming seemed like a waste of much need rest. The more problems I encountered, the less and less I engaged in the practice until I ended up drawing away from the community I once cherished and began to doubt what my mentors had told me. Nothing was making any more sense and I felt I was back at square one when I left Christianity.

Sure, I was much wiser in my knowledge of ancient history and the information that had long been hidden from me, but knowing how and when to make my own moon water didn’t take precedence over these damn bills that, no matter how many times I performed my money rituals to the Goddess Oshun, they kept coming and the money never arrived.

My mentors spoke like Pastors at a Baptist church, in so many words, it was because I didn’t have “faith” or I approached some deity incorrectly or my “spirit” wasn’t aligned properly. Then it became the environment I chose to be in was the reason none of my magic was working, the very magic I thought would protect me from such calamity.

The world around me became bleak and without purpose. There’s no such thing as time, there’s no such thing as reality, there’s no such thing as me, except the fact that somehow I’m a God and I should be shaping my world better. I looked to those still involved in the works, and it seemed they always made their desires manifest. I was ashamed to admit that with all my knowledge obtained, it all felt like a farce used to escape reality or that they were just somehow more powerful warlocks and witches than I.

By the time 2016 came around, I had lost countless alters--most being destroyed by my ex , others from moving from place to place. I couldn’t afford all the magical tools when I lost my job and every item of the metaphysics I possessed was in one way or another ripped from me. Pendants to tarot cards, statues, and precious stones.

I gave up.

Now I believed in nothing. I received no answers from anyone or anything when I asked. No timeline as to when my suffering would end. No options as to what to do next, so I abandoned it all.

One day during a particularly depressing day I went to an astrology site online. I remembered at one point when I was in my late teens being very interested in Astrology, but when I picked up metaphysics no one seemed to talk about it. In fact, I can barely remember anything other than the moon and an occasional mercury retrograde being mentioned throughout my studies in the conscious community. Numerology was spoken about, surprisingly, but not Astrology. I decided that since I had tried everything else I would give it one last shot to find some purpose other than in mystical forces alone.

I began to jump in, starting from scratch, because I had forgotten most of what I learned when I was younger. The only thing I remembered from a reading long ago was that I would eventually be famous whether alive or after death and I wanted to see if I could find where I got that from. Already from the start I was discouraged. I didn’t know what the symbols meant, I didn’t know where to start and quite frankly I was afraid of getting involved in another practice that would leave me empty-handed and disappointed once again.

I went on Facebook and decided to find someone who may have had any knowledge about Astrology that could point me in the right direction or at least tell me what the hell I was looking at. Whether destiny or dumb luck, it happened that someone made a post about astrology just as I opened my news feed and so I clicked on the name without looking at the page and sent a message. At this point, it felt like a shot in the dark. As far as I was concerned at the time Astrology was still just a bunch of fluff with no actual practical application, but I thought what the hell, I mean I did use to draw sigils on my kitchen floor surrounded by train nails and graveyard dirt, so it couldn’t be any more involved than that.

Who would have thought, that out of all the astrologers in the world, I would happen upon the best one to date. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but I sent a message saying

“Hi! I was wondering if you had any knowledge in astrology and can tell me what I need to do in my life for me and my children or at least point me in the right direction so I can figure this out for myself. Here is a picture of my birth chart. Thank you in advance!”

He wrote back, “Send me your birthday and time of birth and location.”

“I sent you a chart.”

“I don’t care; send me what I asked you for if you want me to look.”

I sent him everything but my location.

“January 12th, 1985, 1:40 am.”

After a moment he said, “Call me between 1 and 7 pm Est, don’t be late.”

Of course, I was late.

I wasn’t taking this seriously, you know.

When I made the call, I received a tongue-lashing for wasting time, I had no idea who I was speaking to, and I was a little taken back, but he spoke with authority on the subject, and I so desperately wanted to know if he knew anything that could help me and my miserable position in life. I gave him the location. After an hour I was blown away. He told me everything I had been going through without me saying a word. Everything from my childhood up to the present moment. Without turning this into a complete novel, my journey into Astrology started that day June 15th, 2016 and I never looked back.

Now I’m sure at this point you’re wondering what this has to do with Astrology AND ritual magic. I mean, I did just go into how the magic didn’t work for me so is this occult bashing or what?

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It’s a testament to an empty cup. I had filled myself to brim and poured it all out. I was starting fresh with a new perspective and in this journey I discovered why my metaphysical work was, well, not working. Now to get into the epiphany.

For ages, before books and waaaaay before internet, information from the ancients was passed down orally and what they learned they learned from the Earth and the Sky. The sky dictated when to do things and the Earth and all its inhabitants showed them how. Throughout the ages man began to discover that when the certain celestial bodies in the sky came to certain points in the sky certain events would occur on Earth. Much like we are accustom to Full Moons bringing in a high tide or making hospitals and asylums go a little nuts (no pun intended). Eventually someone started taking notes and the Ancient Egyptians to the Babylonians to the Greeks began to formulate systems to predict when events would happen. Now you have to put yourself in the mind that they weren’t predicting lottery wins, even though in a sense they could determine the best time to make money, but to use it for even more practical terms like when to avoid floods and other natural disasters or the best time to plant seeds or when they should go to war, ensuring they chose moments that would bring the most favorable outcome.

For thousands and thousands of years civilizations across the globe operated in accord to the laws of the Universe. No move was made, no ritual was done, no agreements ensued without diligent investigation into the motion of the Sky to the Earth. Did they always get it right? Of course not. Shitty people existed then like they do now and not all counsel is wise and without underlying motives and the interpretation is as infinite as the Universe itself. Were they still operating under the rules? Of course. One man’s Saturn is another man’s Jupiter, whether they know it or not.

This was the beginning of my understanding. I was made to believe that being a God meant I would always know when these cycles of life occurred. That I would be so in tuned as to feel the energy and use it to my benefit. But that would make me all knowing, something I can’t possibly be because I don’t even remember what it’s like to be a baby. Sometimes I got it right, like feeling impending doom and magically avoiding situations that would cause me harm or surprisingly winning something because I felt it was the right moment to do it. But this wasn’t always the case and quite honestly I was tired shooting in the dark. In my mind there had to be a map. I just hadn’t figured it out. Animals have maps, they know when to migrate, when to mate, when to avoid areas because the trees don’t look right. Humans had to have a map other than ourselves.

Once I figured out that map was Astrology I began to look into why some of my rituals worked and why others didn’t. Human life has gotten much more complicated than it once was and to be truthful, so far removed from nature many people don’t know what direction they are facing without using GPS. Honestly, when is the last time you even used a compass?

Remember when I said by 2013 nothing was working? Check this out.

In my chart I have the planet Saturn in the 1st house along with Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto and Scorpio both represent the occult. Saturn represents difficulties or loss. In 2013 I was having a Saturn return. The Transit Saturn had returned to the sign of Scorpio 28 years later when it had appeared there at the moment of my birth. Saturn returns are not easy and usually indicates learning some hard lessons and getting rid of anything that should have been gone long before it returned. The 1st house is literally how I project myself and how others treat me. My metaphysical understanding was in for an overhaul.

Now lets take the planets Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. Frequently used energies in the occult even though I didn’t know that’s what they were. Venus represents relationships and money. Jupiter represents joy and abundance. Neptune represents spirituality and dreams.

Can you already see why my rituals were failing? No?

Here I am going through a period of life where I am destined to experience some of the hardest moments in my life, not for the first time, but for an especially significant one. Hardships, delays, disappointments were amplified. In the sign and near the planet of life and death and transformation, these areas were receiving some serious pressure from the Saturian energy. And lastly it was happening all in my face being the first house, so everything I did and everything that came to me would be colored with this energy. Saturn was also sending it’s hard energy to everything it aspected in my chart, so what did I look like trying to do Jupiter things during a Saturn motion? Why was I trying to seek abundance and joy when I should have been learning how to ride the bull of pain and seek a way to use that energy to my benefit? I was trying to replace a lesson by escaping and my Saturn return, naturally refused to budge. It’s no wonder I was losing my shit.

Throughout my occult practices, it was frequently taught we that we were suppose to be aligned with nature. As above so below. But it was as if we only paid attention to below and when it got to the above we went way above. Just skipped right pass the stars and planets and went straight into the astral world. When it came to asking anything about the stars, no one had an answer and eventually a few popped up to tell us it wasn’t real, just projections of an unrealistic matrix or more dismiss-fully, it was projections of our consciousness. Jupiter is you, my guy.

Now I’m not saying that there were never moments during my Saturn Return for relief. As a Matter of fact I had more than a few opportunities to bring in good fortune. The issue was I didn’t know when and as it’s human to be caught up with the overall current events, I couldn’t see or feel them. I was covered in a blanket of darkness running into shit everywhere I turned. The despair crept in and I saw no end in sight, which made the situation even more depressing because I didn’t know how much longer I could last like this and no one could tell me when it would end. “Things will turn around, you need to offer this to [insert deity here], someone is attacking you with curses, just leave, meditate etc…”, sounded like more faith preaching.

Astrology is the gift that allowed me to track my cycles and understand why I was going through these motions. It allowed me to turn on a flashlight in the darkness to have some idea as to what I may be getting ready to encounter. It made my magic stronger. (Wish I had it during that time).

So how do we do this right, already!

Here is a template to remember. Be forewarned that it takes practice and it takes calculation. It is difficult. It was meant to be. It reflects and resembles the complexity of human life and events on Earth, and nothing should be so easy to use in order to navigate it. Would you use basic math to build a bridge across mountains? Would you trust driving across one built by someone who has no knowledge of engineering? I would hope not. So why use tools that only scratch the surface of life on Earth. Why pay attention to the below and nothing literally above you?

So with that in mind understand you’ll have to learn your chart. You’ll have to learn the math behind it and astronomy. You’ll have to learn about transits and progressed charts because all of it matters, just like life itself. There are layers and levels to this.

Then you can start doing your rituals truly according to the universal laws that govern us. You use the moon, right? Where there are 9 other points you can track. There are 12 signs and houses, areas of life you can track them in. There are combinations you can use and eventually you’ll find more outcomes that match your intent.

If you are not able to do it yourself, seek out one who can help. My saving grace was Ra Akhu of Cozmophyzix whom I highly recommend, but do your research and find someone that works for you.

Now, these are just a few examples of what kind of rituals to do and when, but it should give you a start, and I’ll expand on these more in the near future. You can also change the names, it makes no difference, to whichever corresponding deity of the same energy for example Maat is Jupiter, Shango is Aquarius more specifically a combination of Mars, Jupiter, the Sun, and Uranus, and Tehuti is Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn etc… You can do these rituals when:

  • The transit Moon makes a conjunct or trine aspect with the planets in your natal or progressed chart within 3 degrees of orb. Avoid Oppositions, Squares, and Quincunx aspects.
  • Progressed planets are at an angle in your chart. The Ascendant, Descendant, Mid Heaven, and Nadir for apparent physical manifestation, though any house cusp will work for what the house cusp represents. Look up house meanings for more understanding ie. the 6th cusp for health or work-related issues.
  • Any transit planet making contact with your natal or progressed planets.

For Rituals involving:

  • Motivation and energy, execution of will, pioneering, sexual desire, doing something quickly use 1st house Cusp, Aries, and Mars and all things associated like cayenne pepper, knives, fire, and the color red.
  • Money, possessions, singing, economics, trade, beauty, attraction, relationships, contracts, and laws use the 2nd house cusp, Taurus (the economics) Libra 7th house cusp (law and relationships), and Venus and all things associated like trees and greenery, art, copper, jungle green (Libra) money green (Taurus).
  • Writing, communication, short trips, memory, siblings, cousins, neighbors, day-to-day contacts, breathing, clothing, small pets, cleaning, services to or from others, hygiene, analyzing use 3rd house, Gemini (communication) and 6th house, Virgo (health/services) and mercury and all things associated like paper, pens, quicksilver, canary yellow (Gemini), wood, grains, dirt (Virgo).
  • Emotions, parenting, safety, protection, mothers, women, and the home use the 4th house cusp, Cancer and the Moon and all things associated like water, river water, sugar, silver, mirrors, and eggs.
  • Children, love, lust, fun, pride, courage, leadership, prana, acting, and entertainment uses the 5th house cusp, Leo, and the Sun and all things associated like gold, yellow, lions, and honey.
  • Transformation, magic, investigation, revenge, sex, debt, other people's property, your partners' property, life, and death use the 8th house cusp, Scorpio, and Pluto and all things associated semen, burgundy red, spiders, snakes, owls, alchemy, and the phoenix.
  • Long Distant travel, philosophy, humor, father, high learning, higher courts, foreigners, cars, abundance, optimism, luck use the 9th house cusp, Sagittarius and Jupiter, and all things associated like Tin, purple, elephants, horses, and laughter.
  • Business, landlords, fame, authority, math, delays, and depression use the 10th house cusp, Capricorn and Saturn, and all things associated like the color black, lead, anything hard like rocks or concrete, and bones.
  • Friends, social life, intuition, mankind, groups, astrology, metaphysics, sudden changes, and wishes use the 11th house cusp, Aquarius, and Uranus, and all things associated like the color dark grey, lightning, storms, plastic, and electricity.
  • Dreams, inspiration, the spirit world, ghosts, imagination, secrets, and healing us the 12th house cusp, Pisces and Neptune, and all things associated with ocean water, the color teal, fish, incense, perfumes, essential oils, and music.

Essentially, people need to realize there is a timing factor in nature that all things in life are subject to. The occult taught us that time doesn’t exist, but it does. It is the modern way of keeping time that seems to be throwing people off, but the natural time is what we operate by. Watching the sky gave us a formula in which to map this time and discover that everything is designed mathematically perfectly. In astrology, we don’t say there are 365 days in a year. We understand the natural motion of the planets and know that a year is 360 degrees, much like our ancient ancestors did. Time to them was according to the motions. Rituals were performed when the stars were aligned, and that to them was the right “time”. And if you still think time doesn’t exist, I implore you to eat an apple and shit it out as you take each bite. Why wait for time to pass for your digestive tract to process the food?

I couldn’t begin to understand true magic if I had not learned the motions of the celestial bodies or how the Earth worked and its seasons to the second that they move. It started to make sense how some energies can overshadow others thus non favorable decision-making ensued no matter how protected by the ancestors I believed I was. How could I claim to understand the mystics of the world when I did not truly know the world itself?

I hope this has enlightened some of my fellow magicians about the art of ritual magic. Most of our mentors have no idea how to calculate motions themselves thus they push the paradigm that if you just align your spiritual self you will be able to accomplish your aims. It is in the books they read how the ancients knew when to do things and at what hour- Aleister Crowley was adept at astrology and no ritual was performed without it, but they have never learned how to make it work so they dismiss it. Some try to turn it into a mystic art and not a mathematical one and tell you that scrying and tarot can do the same thing, but if you pull a card under a mars motion, you’ll get mars answers even if you want a Venus response. Astrology is older than these tools, the fool's journey is none other than the path of the Sun through the signs.

They operate in Neptune's energy and ever since Neptune entered Pisces in 2012, there they have remained. All spiritual without any regard to the other faculties of man. Mind you Neptune also represents deceit and delusions and we have seen the conscious community littered with conspiracy and charlatans, confusion, and insanity.

At the very least I ask you to try, to gain a deeper understanding of the Universe you reside in, regardless of matrix ideology, we still have to eat and wipe our asses. Once you understand that what you see is what you will get you’ll also know exactly what tools to use for the occasion and no one can tell you what they mean on a whim because you’ll know the right stone or the right oil to use for the right time that corresponds with its actual energy. I mean you’re already having sex in open fields with red candles burning in a circle around you, I promise this won’t be that much more involved and when you can’t afford a new malachite stone, as long as Taurus, Libra, or Sagittarius is rising, you’ll still be able to work your intent.

<strong>Astrology & Ritual Magic</strong>
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