November 15, 2020

F*** Them: A Lesson In Appeasing Others

We have to get along with others. That’s the indirectly spoken rule in society. We were taught since we were kids that if you weren’t apart […]
May 4, 2019

We’re All Haters, Really.

If you’ve ever been called a “Hater” you might be able to wear that badge proudly. Might. There are levels to this shit. We have entered […]
March 2, 2019

I Want To Learn How To Forgive You

I have spent the entire early morning today going through the natal charts of my family, most especially my mother’s; because my life and the life […]
November 5, 2018

How Taking A Break From Social Media Makes You More Productive

Addiction is hard to admit, especially when the addiction doesn’t seem like an addiction at all. At this point, I believe many adults are fooling themselves. […]
November 3, 2018

5 Ways To Get Started And Finish Your Creative Projects

I struggle with pulling myself from the dream state. My mind is always racing with new photography and video ideas, scripts to write, things to design […]
October 26, 2018

Pain Into Power

“How do you remain so optimistic, with everything you’ve been through? How do you still find a reason to smile?” My sister has asked me this […]
October 24, 2018

The Vegetarian Struggle

I wasn’t raised a vegetarian. Hell, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of being one 10 years ago, but since I’ve made the transition I can’t imagine […]
October 23, 2018

Depression & Creativity

Being an artist I can tell you depression can be at times crippling to one’s creativity. As an artist, it’s no mystery many of us experience […]
October 22, 2018

Being A Mean Person Saves You Money

Already I can hear the nicest people in world sighing with a complete understanding of this title and I can hear them also saying how at […]
October 22, 2018

How To Find Your Writing Niche

For many years I have been searching for something to write about. I didn’t always have this problem; as a child and young adult, I spent […]