How To Love Yourself: The 5th House


There are 12 houses in your natal chart and each one gives an indication of specific areas in one’s life. We can use this natal chart to address issues in our lives as a remedy to overwhelming feelings of imbalance.

When you’re feeling unloved.

There are moments in our lives when we feel like everyone is against us. Maybe our partners aren’t giving us the attention we feel we need. Maybe when we look in the mirror, we may feel that we that we’re falling apart because we can’t find love in our lives. Or the joys you once had are starting to fade away.

First thing first, you’re spending too much time in other houses (or one of your harsh aspects is lit the f*** up right now), but we’ll deal with the areas of life here and not so much how your planets are acting a stone-cold fool.

Digression semi-complete and moving on.

Here is what you have to remember about love. Love is selfish. It may be unconditional with children (there are exceptions to this rule just ask the lower vibration of a Virgo/Virgo rising), but it is still selfish. Everyone wants to love and be loved how they choose. We forget in our quest for love that we are only capable of giving what we have and if you can’t recognize and retain love for yourself, you are unequipped to find it elsewhere. How do you know what love truly is, if you have forgotten what it means to love yourself? That’s equivalent to a severely sheltered virgin giving sex advice. Could you imagine how that would sound? “Yeah, you just smack your doo hickey in between her plump bubblers and self-induce an epileptic seizure until you both secrete a baby.”

Self-love is the ultimate power source. No one can take it from you. You decide how to distribute it. You decide what form it takes. You are the only person who can truly destroy it. So how do we find it again when we feel like we’ve lost it?

Go to the 5th house.

The 5th house is the house of the Sun. It is a Leo house. Regardless of what sign resides there, its nature will be that of creativity, children, and love. It is also the love for the Divine Creator (or whichever term you wish to use to convey your higher power beliefs). It shows how you love your existence. When you are nurturing this house and the planets and aspects you have there, if any, you are truly loving yourself. Whenever you are depressed or feeling loveless it is because you aren’t allowing yourself to be in your 5th element. (The Lilu Dallas Multipass- I love you right now if you got that reference)

When transits cross your 5th cusps this is a chance to experience new ways to express this love. It adds additional energies to help expand and transform your creative spirit.

Even Saturn.

 I know you’re thinking, “Saturn in my 5th is not fun foh.” and that is because you're supposed to find a new way to have it. The 5th house means a million things having to do with games, children, lust, love, fun, gambling, and creativity. And up until a certain point; usually, when Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto begins to transit, you’ve only experienced a small fraction of those manifestations.

Creativity is key to self-love.

One of the best ways and truly the most absolute way to find self-love is to find it in yourself. I’m sure you hear this all the time. You have to love yourself, but no one really tells you how to do this or if they do it’s usually from their personal perspective or some cliche “go to the beach and pamper yourself” solution. For some going to the beach may be the perfect idea for finding yourself, yet for others, it’s actually depressing. Some folks just don’t like sand up their butts.

There is a more specific outlet for creativity that fits better for each rising sign. It can work for Sun signs too, but I highly recommend you get your accurate rising because your rising sign is how you behave where the sun is more internal. Really, if people are not paying attention they will totally miss your sun sign motives, but they will always see your rising sign and behave in regard to that sign.

Though the solutions are limitless in regards to the 5th house sign along with planets, aspects, progressions, and the like, I will give a brief description of what each sign can do to find self-love through creative endeavors or things to do to ignite the creative passion within. Research and adjust accordingly.

Aries is the 5th house: You can find self-love by being active. Not waking up and walking to the mailbox,active, I mean truly active. Things like boxing or going to the shooting range. A good outlet is a good argument or debate, you’re a natural at it so find a good cause to argue and start speaking on it. Don’t piss people off for the sake of pissing them off though. Breaking a sweat will also release pent-up energy to allow endorphins to flow through, visiting a sports event or going someplace hot and exciting will actually do you some good.

Taurus in the 5th house: You can find self-love through sensations. Indulging in good foods and desserts (you’re the reason chocolate is considered comfort food by the way) and surrounding yourself with anything that makes you comfortable, like soft blankets, and plants. You’re most likely working too hard and need a break and lucky for you, your natural talent is to do just that, doing relaxing activities like knitting or sewing. Also taking some time to create new ways to make money and singing (even if you can’t) will definitely put you in tune with yourself.

Gemini in the 5th house: Finding self-love requires you to use your mental faculties and if you’ve been feeling down in the bungalow, you’re most likely not using it to the best of your abilities. Read more, write more, and communicate with others. Learn a new language or practice one you know, but haven’t been using. You have a natural knack for communicating period and in order to find your spark, you should be speaking. Find some public speaking outlets to partake in or poetry contests to enter. Blogging is also a good hobby to take up and for a quick fix, take a walk or drive around the neighborhood for a while.

Cancer in the 5th house: A good way to find yourself is by cooking. You’re actually really good at baking so making a creative cake will give you the joy you’ve been seeking. If you have children, make sure you’re paying attention to them because parenting or motherhood will bring pure enjoyment. If you don’t have children, babysitting or starting a daycare will fill in the void for nurturing. Children love you automatically so providing some mothering (or fathering) will help to ease any lovelessness you might be feeling. Taking bath when you’re feeling low or staring at the water will also help to put you at ease.

Leo in the 5th house: Creativity is your forte! If you haven’t been feeling any joy in your heart, you have definitely been straying away from your natural talents and abilities. You have the gift to create virtually whatever your heart desires. So make something, anything, any time you’re feeling depressed. Acting and performing as well as spending time with children and playing games will definitely help.

Virgo in the 5th house: You’re naturally analytical and anything that requires managing will help you to focus on what it is to find love in yourself. If you have children, managing their day-to-day routine will give you some grounding in life. You also give the best advice on how to improve areas in gaming because you find and notice all the little details. Coaching someone through a video game or gambling can be a fun pastime that will make you feel needed, thus raising your heart light a little higher.

Libra in the 5th house: If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately it’s time to do what you do best. You have a natural talent for art and putting together anything aesthetically pleasing. Redecorate or go to an art museum. One thing you are definitely good at is getting people to agree so find someplace where you can amicably mediate differences between people. Offer to look over someone’s contract, because you can see both sides of the story, and you are better able to point out the middle ground as a suggestion. Volunteer work as a child advocate will do wonders to brighten your life.

Scorpio in the 5th house: Have sex. No seriously, sex always makes you feel better and you happen to be an expert in the field. If there is no one to have sex with, have sex with yourself, really. A good one, two, will put you back n good spirits. On a less nasty note, engaging in the occult or metaphysics, reading a mystery or detective story, watching the ID channel, or diving into a project that requires deep contemplation and transformation will make you feel whole again. Helping a friend do some detective work into their love life will make you feel in tune with your talents.

Sagittarius in the 5th house: Your inborn talent is having a knack for finding the best places to travel and you absolutely love traveling. Taking a long distant trip will put you right back in the loving mode. Hanging out with people of different cultures and going for a run will also remind you that you have no reason to dislike yourself. Going back to school or teaching children can also help alleviate any downtrodden heartbeats.

Capricorn in the 5th house: Business is your talent and you should focus on building whenever you feel unloved. Treat your business and ability to create orders like your baby or start a business if you haven’t already. As a quick fix, go get your teeth cleaned and whitened, because you love having pearly whites and nothing makes you feel better than having a set of healthy choppers. Hang out with people older than you for a pick-me-up.

Aquarius in the 5th house: Whenever you feel depressed it might be because you’ve been spending too much time alone. Find a group or call your friends for a night out. Create a new group or join a social cause to keep you busy and useful. If you don’t feel like socializing physically do it online. Your technology is your safe haven and as long as you have a computer, phone, or video game system you’ll find love enter your heart. You’re good at anything technological so get technological.

Pisces in the 5th house: Love is in the music and poetry you create. Creating a space just for you will bring you peace of mind. Spending time alone, indulging in spirituality, or dancing when no one can see you will absolutely make you feel better. You have to remind yourself you don’t need anyone to love you, but yourself, so when people tell you that you need to socialize, it is perfectly okay to say no. When all else fails, curling up in bed and taking a much-needed nap will recharge that love battery like nothing else. At the very least watch a good movie.

Please keep in mind again that planets and aspects and progression will alter this in some form.

Share this with anyone who needs ideas on how to bring love back into their lives. Once you gain it for yourself then love from others will surely find its way to you. Taking care of your heart will ensure that no one can take it from you if they happen to leave.

<strong>How To Love Yourself: The 5th House</strong>
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