8th house

May 12, 2023

🌌 Jupiter Ingress into Taurus – A Cosmic Dance of Expansion, Finance, and Morals 🌌

On May 16th, 2023, precisely at 13:19:49(1:19:49 PM EST), Jupiter, the celestial body of expansion, will ingress into Taurus, the zodiac sign emblematic of morals and money. This alignment represents a significant shift in astrological energy, and its implications are far-reaching and profound.
April 29, 2023

The Intricacies of Astrological Degrees: The Surface

We are going to touch the surface on degrees, decan, and dwads and explore more in furute posts.
March 8, 2023

Lunar Journal: Tracking Our Emotions (Now Available On Amazon)

Discover the transformative power of tracking the lunar cycle with the Lunar Journal: Tracking Our Emotions. This insightful journal helps you gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and those of others through astrology. With valuable information about the moon's significance in mythology and astrology, this journal is perfect for anyone looking to reflect, learn, and grow.
February 9, 2023

Saturn in Pisces: Survival Seminar

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, restriction, time, karma, authority, reputation, tradition, and structure, leaves the sign of Aquarius and enters the mutable water sign of Pisces on March 7th, 2o23. Are you ready for how this transit will affect you for the next 2.5 to 3 years?
February 8, 2023

How To Love Yourself: The 5th House

There are 12 houses in your natal chart and each one gives an indication of specific areas in one’s life. We can use this natal chart to address issues in our lives as a remedy to overwhelming feelings of imbalance. When you’re feeling unloved. There are moments in our lives when we feel like everyone is against us. Maybe our partners aren’t giving us the attention we feel we need. Maybe when we look in the mirror, we may feel that we that we’re falling apart because we can’t find love in our lives. Or the joys you once had are starting to fade away.
February 8, 2023

Astrology & Ritual Magic

Have you ever wondered why your magic doesn’t work some days and other days it works flawlessly? Or why it takes so long when you put out an intention and you don’t receive it until weeks or months later? Feel like sometimes you’re doing a lot more magical work than you would like for one event, trying different spells and meditations because maybe this one will work better than the last or you keep pulling the same damn tarot card no matter how many times you rephrase the question?
February 8, 2023
The 8th House And What You Get
Hating a Scorpio or Scorpio Rising or heavy 8th house and Pluto charts is a common theme. People either hate Scorpio energy or they love it. The energy of Pluto is deep. It makes people uncomfortable to address, because Scorpio energy doesn’t care about the facade. It loves the core of the truth.
<strong>The 8th House And What You Get</strong>
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