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“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.”

-Dane Rudhyar

Lately I’ve had people ask me to teach them how to speak, what my mentor has coined as, “Cozmophyzically” or simply put how to use astrology to have conversations.

Technically, you’re already doing it, you just may not be aware of how it correlates to astrological signs and planets. Before you can go out and just describe your day using a string of astrology phrases, you must first learn what they mean.

Though I do enjoy a good keyword list, I find that many people don’t know how to use them in a sentence, let alone a whole paragraph and eventually into a reading of understable context. The problem is it’s an unnatural way to have a conversation. If someone asked about your day, sure, you could say single words like “fine” or “bad”, but if you converse with someone, you aren’t really giving them much context or a meaningful dialogue to keep them engaged. It’s the same when trying to read a natal chart and you describe the moon to someone as being “emotions”. Ok…what kind of emotions exactly?

Here is an excerise to do to help strengthen your keywords as well as deliver them just as naturally as the first language you learned to speak.

First thing we’re going to do is learn at least one seperate word for each planet and sign. You can choose one of your own, but if you don’t know any here’s an example of list you can use.

  • Moon: Mother
  • Mercury: Hands
  • Venus: Money
  • Sun: Creativity
  • Mars: Anger
  • Jupiter: Comedy
  • Saturn: Disappointment
  • Uranus: Unexpected
  • Neptune: Dreams
  • Pluto: Suspicion
  • Aries: Motivation
  • Taurus: Food
  • Gemini: Reading
  • Cancer: Protection
  • Leo: Games
  • Virgo: Hygiene
  • Libra: Agreement
  • Scorpio: Investigation
  • Sagittarius: Travel
  • Capricorn: Fame
  • Aquarius: Group
  • Pisces: Sleeping

Now take one of the words at a time and describe it according to your own perspective and what it generally means, for as long as you can. It helps if you write them out so you can see what you come with and so you can refer to it easily.

For example take Pisces which represents Sleeping and describe what you do to get to that point and everything it entails.

You may say something like:

  • “I’m usually very tired by the time I get to sleep.”
  • “When I wake up from a nap I’m groggy and in a daze.”
  • “After a long day I like to catch up on my rest by laying in bed.”
  • “When I don’t feel well I take a nap.”
  • “Every time I take this medicine it makes me sleepy.”
  • “When I get drunk or smoke weed I pass out.”

Looking at the sentences you’ve created you can now see how Pisces is formed. The things that make you sleepy; medicine, alcohol, exhaustion, drugs, illness- are all Piscean themes. Adding Neptune to the sentence structure you can say “When I sleep I dream.” Now everytime you deal with these issue you know you’re operating under Neptune/Pisces energy. When you see someone at a party getting drunk, you can now recognize them as accessing the same energy. Eventually, the list expands. If said drunk person is always at a nightclub, you’ll begin to understand that nightclubs (people get sleepy after a long night partying) is also a Piscean theme.

Do this for each sign and planet. Change the keywords and create new sentences. Like when we added nightclub to the Pisces/Neptune list, create a sentence from that. What are in nightclubs? Music. What are people doing at nightclubs? Dancing.

Bam. You just added two more keywords to Pisces/Neptune. Music and Dancing.

The important thing to remember is NOT just the keywords, but the natural ability to communicate their meaning. To understand the feelings that are apart of them and how they operate.

A beginner astrologer may say Neptune is dancing. But a seasoned astrologer would say something along the lines of, “You lose yourself in your music, prompting you to dance as if you are in a dream-like trance until you become exhausted.”

See the difference?

Once you gain the full knowledge of these energies you can start to mix them together. Here you are creating sentences as ASPECTS.

The same way we create sentences for the planets and signs, you must understand the basics of the aspects to take your paragraphs into deeper meaning.

  • Trine: Easily occurs without much thought.
  • Square:Occurs with much work
  • Opposition: Needs some balancing.
  • Sextile: Easily occurs with a little push.
  • Quincunx: Never seems to work how you want it.
  • Semi-Sextile/Semi-Quincunx: Give or take.

Take Aries/Mars for example as Motivation/Anger. Add it to the sentences for Neptune/Pisces. These two signs naturally semi-quincunx. Putting these two together can go either way. You may be motivated to dance or too tired to be angry. Getting angry can make you exhausted or getting much rest will keep you motivated.

This exercise takes diligence, observation and memory. It takes practice and experimentation.

You’ll be a better reader for it, I guarentee it.

What sentences can you come up with? Drop them in the comments below!

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