solar return

I don’t intend on writing about every Solar Return I have, but this one is particularly special, though I imagine for anyone who has astrological knowledge would be inclined to weep for me instead. Well, rest assure that it’s not as bad as it looks. Maybe.

For those who don’t know what a Solar Return is, it’s a bit different than your traditional idea of a “birthday”. A solar return is when the transit Sun is stationed at the exact degree and sign as your natal Sun. What makes it different than a birthday is it doesn’t always fall on the same calendar day. For example, some days my solar return occurs on the 11th of January or the 13th, instead of my calendar birth of January 12th.

This year my Solar Return occurs on both January 12th and my natal Sun degree of 22 degrees and 02 minutes. So I’ll take my happy birthdays and happy solar returns together, thank you.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes this birthday a little different than any other birthday I’ve had. If anything it can help you decipher what your solar return means when you take a look at your own charts.

Relocated Progressed Chart

One of the first things you’ll want to do on your Solar Return is to get a progressed chart. Without a moving progressed method, this will be the only time of the year you can see a progressed chart from most programs, that is relevant to the actual events on that day. After your solar return, this type of chart will only give indication to the overall theme of your year, but you won’t be able to use it as a day by day measure unless your using transit aspects to the progressed chart. If you are interested in day to day progressions I recommend Ra Akhu of Cozmophyzix. You can visit his website here at

The chart above is my relocated progressed chart with the transit planets (in green) on the outside of the chart. In the cozmophyzix method we use the chart that describes where we are currently located, because as the saying goes, “it’s not where you’re from, but where you’re at,” so to speak.

In this chart my progressed Ascendant in Scorpio is 27 degrees 03 minutes SQUARE my progressed Sun in Aquarius at 27 degrees 32 minutes.

My progressed Saturn is CONJUNCT my progressed Ascendant in Scorpio at 27 degrees 49 minutes also SQUARE my Progressed Sun.

We can add my progressed Mercury in Aquarius conjunct my progressed Sun at 25 degrees 06 minutes which also SQUARES my Ascendant and Saturn, but it is 2 degrees out of the orb I wish to use for this analysis. I’m going to stick with an orb of 1 degree…maybe 1.5.

Now, normally I would just Kanye shrug this off, because technically this is has been going on for some time. The rules are one degree equals one year, so it takes a long time for these progressed planets to move in these charts. Like, in this chart it would take damn near 33 years before my Sun progressed to Aries and I may never be alive to see it progress to Taurus (though that would be awesome because my natal North Node is in Taurus, but alas.)

What makes this progressed chart more prominent is due to the transits occurring on my Natal planets.

I am quite literally covered in Saturn juice.

Today is the day that Saturn and Pluto and Mercury and of course the Sun, all bust serious planetary nuts on my Natal Sun degree, while playing footsies with my Natal Jupiter. (A very lewd description to otherwise say they are CONJUNCT).

So in a nutshell (no pun intended), my serious mode is seriously activated. The battle to control my thoughts, communication and day to day activities (as indicated by the transits in my natal 3rd house of Capricorn, and fuck it we might as well add the progressed Mercury conjunct my progressed Sun in Aquarius…I know what I said…), to control my image and self projection (as indicated by the transits on my natal Sun and progressed Saturn conjunct my progressed Ascendant) and my home life and domesticity issues- attempting to create stability in my living conditions (as indicated by my progressed Sun in my 4th house).

Getting down to business and being unable to enjoy myself unless it strictly has something to do with the work I do is the overall theme. I’m recreating myself and I don’t get to take a break in that endeavor. (I swear I want a vacation, but I know I for damn sure don’t need it right now).

Other issues that may manifest are a little more on the bleak side. This Saturn/Pluto conjunction is in my Natal 3rd house. My progressed Mercury SQUARES my progressed Saturn. I do have some concerns for my younger brothers and cousins as Mercury and the 3rd house rule them both. If anything life will either be pretty rough for them- running into delays and constant disappointments or they will also be prone to working just as hard as I am.

My children are also included because of the Sun. My eldest is already feeling the burdens of being a fourteen year old boy as his intelligence burdens him with high expectations from others. I have been guiding him through it and recently he has become a tech aid at his school, seeing the expectations to do great and rising to the occasion. Of course this brings on more responsibilities and because he is experiencing his first Saturn opposition, he will need constant reassurance and encouragement to pull through.

My other two boys are learning to become more independent at six and two years old. And my little girl will be experiencing her first solar return tomorrow. She is currently being weaned and has recently started sleeping in her own crib; she’s learning independence and self soothing as well.

None of this is easy for them. The tears and whining are abundant, which makes it burdensome for me as well, as my home is in a constant state of “I don’t want to do this!” Yet each begrudging day, these things must take place for the betterment of our journeys.

We force ourselves to do what needs to be done. And this Saturn energy I’m under doesn’t care if I’m kicking and screaming along the way, as long my responsibilities are handled and I’m building towards my success, Saturn doesn’t give two shits how it’s done.

Other “worrisome” indications are with my mother or a prominent woman in my life. With my progressed moon in Capricorn SQUARE my natal moon in Libra, my progressed Sun in the 4th house SQUARE my progressed Saturn. With progressed Moon in the sign where Neptune is stationed SQUARE my progressed Mars and Venus in the 6th house, issues with health, diet, and hygiene come to mind. Neptune in my natal and progressed chart (because they are EXTREMELY slow moving planets, not much will change) are SEXTILE. Illness can easily be transformative in their lives, for better or worse, but life and death are to be noted.

Also issues with my father (as all my grandparents are already deceased) or a prominent older, male figure, will experience life and death situations or extreme burdens that change their lives forever as indicated by the same Sun/Saturn aspects mentioned throughout this article.

You may be saying to yourself that the tears I spoke of at the beginning are warranted as what good could possible come from appears to be a long track of hardships, but this transformative period occurring in my mental house has put much into perspective.

At the end of the day, my soul purpose is North Node in Taurus and if I do what’s necessary, because all of this trines my natal North Node, then the comforts I desire will manifest. I’m in it for the end game, so honestly I’m glad I am experiencing this in a time in my life where practicality and maturity is at an all time high. I am more than capable than ever before to pursue my dreams and this was just the kick in the ass I needed.

What do you see in my progressed Solar Return chart?

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