The 8th House And What You Get


Hating a Scorpio or Scorpio Rising or heavy 8th house and Pluto charts is a common theme. People either hate Scorpio energy, or they love it.
The energy of Pluto is deep. It makes people uncomfortable to address because Scorpio energy doesn’t care about the facade. It loves the core of the truth. The truthiest of truths. The ugly and mystifying. The desire for Scorpionic charts is a bottomless pit. Where some people are happy not knowing much about a stranger, a Scorpionic chart will probe just about anything and anyone. Even subconsciously, they will arrive at much more information than most people having investigated and sucked the essence of their energy until every atom has been examined.

It rules a succedent house. These houses are personal because they typically indicate what you get from what you’ve done. And no matter what you do you’ll get the results of that house for ill or good. What you do in your 1st house (How you go out in the world) gets you your 2nd house(your money and morals). How you were raised in your 4th house (what you understand family to be or not be) determines how you treat your 5th house(your children). What you aspire to in your 10th house (your career) will get you your 11th house(hopes and wishes).

So your relationships in the 7th house -the 8th house will result.

The 8th house can be a scary place. It is the house of life and death. Of the occult, of sex and exchange of power. It is the burden of dealing with another’s issues as a result of your engagement. Like when you get married (7th house) you take on your partners debts and their property (or lack there of; you may give it them (8th house).

Hating Scorpio/Pluto energy is only a reflection of your deep resentment or fear of piercing truths and unbridled realities.
People don’t like to face death and others are afraid of new life. (Think people who end up having babies they feel they aren’t ready for.) Women who die while giving birth is an 8th house theme.

People with heavy Scorpionic charts embody the energy most don’t want to face. A constant reminder of dying and being reborn. Taurus opposes Scorpio. The energy of values and morals at constant odds with deep introspective activities, desires and lust.
Aquarius squares Scorpio. The sense of freedom and rebellion with the constant overlord of death in the background.

Leo squares Scorpio. The inevitable death of ones childhood and transformation of life from child to adult.

In regards to all relationships, the 7th house, the 8th house is again what we receive and how we feel about it. When we hate this energy it is because we focus so much on the trauma we’ve received from our partners. Below is a general idea how each sign may come to resent their partners thus creating a strong desire to avoid anything 8th house/Scorpio whether consciously or subconsciously.

Please keep in mind that the rest of the chart can support or negate these factors. This is a generalization that may only give an idea how this works or in fact be very useful for someone identifying traumatic emotions or events in an attempt to end personal cycles.

An Aries Rising/Sun may eventually resent the sexual act because it has caused them pain or they always feel like sex is always a bargaining tool. Meaning every time they have sex, they may feel they are being manipulated to do or share something for/with that person as a result.

A Taurus Rising/Sun may hate anything philosophical or optimistic because they’ve been manipulated by others' teachings and led astray. Even going somewhere they didn’t want to go to in the first place and it turns into a less-than-ideal situation, makes all travel arrangements by others suspicious.

A Gemini Rising/Sun may begin to despise any type of authority in relationships and refuse to allow one to order them around, even so much as someone asking them to make a sandwich. They tend to allow their partners to go wherever they want and when it is not returned they experience extreme disappointment.

A Cancer Rising/Sun may resent the freedom they’ve allowed in their relationships in the past. Hating that they’ve allowed themselves to believe they didn’t care when they actually do. And when they become authoritative in relationships instead, their partners tend to reciprocate by allowing them all the freedom in the world, which makes them even more suspicious.

A Leo Rising/Sun may resent the faith they held in their relationships especially when they had the chance to break free and didn’t take it. But moving away from the relationship proves difficult if they believe that what is due to them will go to someone else if they leave.

A Virgo Rising/Sun may hate the fact that their relationships anger them so much, most especially when their partner lacks trust or proves to be deceitful. To pull them out of their composed nature is infuriating.

A Libra Rising/Sun may resent spending any money on their partners or when the money spent on them is thrown back in their faces. This may typically only be an issue during an argument which makes the guilt more unbearable as one is made to appear selfish or lacking fairness.

A Scorpio Rising/Sun may resent divulging anything personal to their partners, especially if those secrets are exposed. It is an affront to the high value they place in their partnerships and if it comes back to them that the same value is lacking, they become resentful striking back with vengeful words.

Sagittarius Rising/Sun may tend to hate their emotional vulnerability specifically when words or lack of words move them so deeply. It’s difficult for Sagittarius to not speak about how they feel and if it’s colored with feelings of betrayal they hurt back emotionally. This ends up causing their partners to lash back verbally, continuing the cycle.

A Capricorn Rising/Sun may come to resent love altogether being so emotionally involved and vulnerable in their relationships. They expect to be revered for such a sacrifice and when the partner feels it is they who should be put on the pedestal without being just as emotionally open, they begin to resent the entire exchange. Thus channeling that royal begrudging attitude to their emotions making them appear cold and over-composed.

An Aquarius Rising/Sun may hate the results of the service received from their relationships. Their partnerships are based on loyalty and love and they expect perfection for such a trade. When it is less than stellar they become petty and nag their partners to death. Consequently, their partners may tend to criticize them if they want more love than they can actually provide in real life or the Aquarian doesn’t show as much love today as they did yesterday. The constant having to outdo oneself is distressing.

A Pisces Rising/Sun may resent the lack of fairness they receive as a result for the work they put in and that their relationships want to share everything and still criticize them about what they receive, even if it’s equal. Also, they may hate that they are perceived as unfair because their partners believe they haven’t put in their fair share of the work. It may make them resent relationships altogether, but they feel awful when they’re alone with no one to share with.

<strong>The 8th House And What You Get</strong>
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