Astrology Meets Art: A Creative Exploration of the Cosmic Energies

 I believe that astrology is not just a tool for understanding our personal lives but also a source of inspiration and creativity. That's why I create astrology-infused videos and music in addition to traditional astrological readings and analysis.

My astrological chart is a key influence on my creative work. With Venus and Mars in Pisces in the 5th house, I have a natural talent for the arts. My musical and visual creations are often infused with a dreamy, imaginative quality. My Libra Moon in the 12th house adds a touch of harmony and balance to my artistic expression, while my third house stellium in Capricorn, including the planets Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune, gives me a love of learning and the ability to communicate complex ideas through my art.

So whether you're here for an astrological understanding and education or simply looking for a unique and inspiring way to experience the energies of the cosmos, you'll find it all here. I invite you to explore my creative works and discover the magic and beauty of astrology through art.


I had a conversation with a group about the pressures of succeeding on Social Media. It made me think of Capricorn energy since Saturn is transiting the sign of Aquarius, which can indicate the success or failure of social media influencing.

Brainstorming some of the possible indications of Pluto in Aquarius starting in the year 2024.

A simple way to find out what Astrological season you are in based on the transiting Sun.

Yes, Mercury Retrograde as of this video posting is over, but we have one more to go on December 28th, 2022. One of the best lessons of astrology is observations. You can learn a lot by looking in hindsight. I hope you gain some insight.


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Marie Rousseau brings a unique blend of mysticism and innovation to the table, making her a force to be reckoned with in any galaxy. Hang it up in your room, office, or anywhere you need a daily dose of cosmic inspiration.